Zappacosta Vini


It all began in the early 1990s, when grandfather Antonio together with his father Adamo, decided to dedicate themselves to the production and later the sale of wine.

Their peculiarity derived from the special technique of preserving the must, which was placed in small clay amphorae called ‘Zirre’, an ancient container that allowed the must turn into wine, preserving its aromas and nuances after decanting it into ‘varili’ (small wooden barrels), it was placed on the backs of mules to be transported and sold in the taverns of Bucchianico, a town on the outskirts of ancient Teate.

Unfortunately, due to the wartime conflicts and the inevitable economic crisis that followed, the land was divided up among the various children and the activity gradually declined, even though this passion continued to flow like sweet must through the veins of the descendants.

In 2008, Carmine (Antonio’s son) and his son Adamo, also producers of grapes destined for the so-called social wine cellars, decided to start a new adventure and created a real farm aimed at producing wines from selected, high-quality vines.



With the death of Carmine, young Matteo took over the business. Hence the need for organic farming developed, with the focus on respecting and enhancing the soil, processing and storing the grapes, all in harmony with the ancient life cycles. Full synergy between innovation and tradition is the philosophy of Adamo and Matteo, father and son, who have been running the farm together since

Traditional wine recipes, harvest techniques and the wisdom accumulated over the years have shaped every bottle that leaves our cellar. It is not just an activity, but a deep bond with the earth and its cycles, with the variations of the seasons and with the patient waiting for the right moment to reap the fruits of our work.