Zappacosta Vini

Our company has a long history rooted in the territories of Chieti and Bucchianico. Generations of winemakers have devoted themselves with passion to the cultivation of vines and the production of fine wines. Over the years, we have learned to respect and value traditions, combining them with the most advanced winemaking techniques to obtain surprising results.

Our cellar has been carefully designed, keeping the environment fresh and constant throughout the year, ensuring that our wines develop their distinctive aromas in the best possible way.

When the grapes reach the right ripeness, they are harvested and transported to our storage cellar. Here, the grapes undergo a careful and meticulous winemaking process, guided by our experience and knowledge of the area.

Our aging takes place in a controlled environment, where the wine is protected from any external factor that could compromise its quality. Each bottle is kept with the utmost care and attention, allowing our wines to express their full potential during the maturation period.